What we do

We build fully-managed performance software development teams...
for you.

Base teams include:

  • (2) Top 5% Full-Time Senior Engineers
  • A dedicated team of managers and architects
  • Access to C-Level advice

This is your team. They exist to help you build amazing software.


We invented our team structure because the Software Development Life-Cycle is wrought with challenges, like:

Other agencies over-complicate structure, requirements, and billing.

We keep ours simple.

You tell your team what to build, and they build it. The entire process is managed for you.

Challenge: Architecture

You have a great idea.

But are you sure about the technical decisions you need to make along the way? From testing strategies to scaling globally, these decisions require deep knowledge of enterprise systems and patterns.

We solve this by giving you access to our team of experts with years of experience solving these issues for Fortune 100 companies.

Challenge: Talent

Building great software requires finding talent with the right skillset at the top of their game.

Do you know what skills your team needs to build a great product? Or where to find them?

We hand pick engineering talent with right skills for your goals, and engage them through rigorous testing. This ensures they are ready for any challenge your idea brings.

Challenge: Roadmap

You have business goals.

Do you know how to effectively translate those goals into a comprehensive, long-term software roadmap?

How do you appropriately prioritize features that align with your goals, and keep technical debt to a minimum?

With Take2, you get unlimited access to a management team with at least 20 years of experience designing software development roadmaps that align with corporate goals.

Challenge: DevOps

You know you need to deliver stable features fast.

The best teams leverage Automated Deployments, CI / CD, and Infrastructure as Code to ensure they are delivering new product in real-time.

But you need development operations (DevOps) professionals to set this up.

Part of every team includes modern DevOps professionals who can effectively implement current patterns and practices, ensuring your team is delivering as fast as possible, and always stable.