Modernize Your Apps

Move your apps to the cloud. Fast.

Moving your legacy application to the cloud doesn't have to be stressful, and it doesn't have to take months or years.

Our app modernization teams use current techniques & technology to help you migrate your existing projects to the cloud, and improve your organizational agility.

Have your legacy app migration team up & running in as little as 1 (one) week.

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Improve Agility

Migrating legacy applications to the cloud helps you deliver faster.

Deploy Faster

Cloud architectures allow for Continuous Deployment. No more scheduled downtime or overnight releases. Deploy code when it's pushed and passes tests.

Scale Faster

Migrating to the cloud gives you the major benefit of only using as much compute power as you need. Reduce costs, while being able to scale up and down in an instant.

Develop Faster

Our teams can build your infrastructure with code, using tools like Amazon CDK and GCC, ensuring that your custom architecture remains easily deployable.

" We need to move our legacy apps to the cloud."
Common Challenges
  • Our apps have stale architectures that prevent fast development
  • We are concerned about the rising technical debt of updating
  • We need to take advantage of modern cloud pricing and elasticity
  • Our legacy applications are proving difficult to scale

How we help

We help you assess your business-critical applications and processes, so that you can make the applications that matter more reliable, accessible, and scalable.

Move legacy apps to the cloud quickly & affordably.

Your legacy app transition pod includes 2 senior software developers who have years of experience migrating older code-bases to modernized cloud infrastructures.

These engineers are full-time team members, dedicated exclusively to your project(s).

Additionally, you get a dedicated Solutions Architect, and Project Manager, to ensure your cloud transition project stays on track.

  • in-house
  • Sr. Engineer x 2
  • Solutions Architect
  • Project Manager
  • Product Developer
    Full Access
  • UX Designer
    Full Access
  • CTO
    Full Access
  • $45,000
    per mo.

    per mo.